Welcome to Alien Gear Holsters, the ONE-STOP-SHOP for getting unparalleled holsters and shooting gear made with expertise and dedication. At Alien Gear, we have manifested a variety of custom-fit holsters and accessories to answer the versatile needs of US gun owners.

Concealed Carry Holsters

With many people preferring to carry concealed, our concealed carry holsters come out as the most convenient. Designed for comfort and concealability, this makes our holsters the easiest to carry with your full confidence of firmness and will stay in place whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter in case you like to have the holster inside the waistband or outside the waistband because we have a firearm holster for you at our shop.

Open Carry Holsters

If you are one of those who prefer to open-carry then we open-carry you a wide variation of open-carry holsters that are easy to access and most comfortable to use. From paddle holsters to drop leg holsters, our inventory is loaded with options to help you carry your sidearm while you can walk comfortably.

High-class accessories

Besides our high-class holsters line, we carry an assortment of firearm accessories to improve your shooting experience. Whether it’s a magazine carrier or a belt clip, we will give you all the tools that you need to make your carry unique!

Shooting Safety

Alien Gear values firearm safety very highly, and we provide you with many options you can use when staying safe at the range and in the field. From trigger guards to gun locks, we provide all the things you need to be certain that your gun will always be responsibly kept.

Custom-fit Holsters: Designed Specifically for Your Model Firearm

There isn’t one holster that fits all when you deal with the holster selection process. It’s the reason why we do individual holster fittings that are unique to your brand and type of gun. Our deliberate design of holsters ensures it is tightly held, hence giving maximum retention and accessibility when a situation calls for it. Whether you walk with a full-size or you prefer an F-size handgun, count on Alien Gear to give you a holster that is customized just for you.

Made in the USA: The symbol of good quality and precision craftsmanship.

Alien Gear is an American brand that always stays true to our ancestry. Therefore you should know that all of our holsters are finally designed and manufactured in the USA, made from craftsmanship and craftsmanship. When you purchase a holster from Alien Gear you are not just buying a piece of sold America investing in American manufacturing and innovation. We are very keen on local economy support and dandelion here and at home, this is why we have manufacturers with local manufacturers to ensure that our products are all made domestically.

Future of Holster Innovation

Invention is a central driver of our daily activities at Alien Gear. A major keep of our job is to keep improving the holster design and produce gear that is more comfortable, more reliable, and more useful than ever before. Whether it is our patent retention mechanism or our adjustable cant and height option can certainly depend on the Alien Gear products that are tailored to make your carrying experience fun.

Superior Customer Service

Home of Alien Gear, we feel customers like our family. Knowing top-notch pro provides notch customer service that will make you feel like you are working with us every time of class every time you interact with us. Whether it is offering expert advice on the products or being timely and tender in support, our team is always at your service all through the process. We guarantee to exceed your expectations since we make a point of going the extra mile to ensure that you are your one-stop source for premium holsters and gear for the shooting sport.


  1. Do you have holsters specific for firearms models? 

Of course, we produce customized holsters for almost all firearm models to make sure that every single time the fit will be perfect.

  1. Is your holster comfortable to wear at your side around the clock? 

Absolutely! Our holsters are made with comfort as the priority, which means that you can comfortably wear your desired firearm all day long.

  1. Do you have a warranty on your products? 

Yes, we are back entirely to the standards of our products and give you a thorough warranty guarantee of your satisfaction.

  1. What happens if I want to return the holster because it is not suitable for me? 

Of course, we provide a trouble-free return policy for you to be certain you are wholeheartedly satisfied with your purchase.

  1. Are your products allowed in all 50 states? 

Although our products are legal in most states, become aware of local laws and particular regulations of firearm carry which are required.


To summarize Alien Gear Holsters is the best source for high-end holsters. We are determined to deliver our promise of quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, leading to you feeling confident that Alien Gear has covered your firearm accessories demands. Whether it’s a holster pouch for concealed carry, an open carry holster, or any other shooting accessory you need, we have you!

By Manali