Enhance Your Landscape with Greener Grass Landscaping

Greener Grass Landscaping is our brand that provides our customers with what we think are ‘beautiful outdoor spaces’, by reflecting the visual charm of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Our expertise and services will be of top quality, so you can be sure that we have our tailored package to address residential or commercial landscaping services.

Expert Lawn Maintenance Services

The lawn in my yard is a green dwarf, which needs constant caring. The area of business that we are in at Greener Grass Landscaping is the provision of quality lawn services to maintain beautiful greenery all around. of grass mowing and weaned eweanedcasesging, know the equipment that enables us to keep your grassland in good condition and tadpoles.

Precision Palm Tree Trimming

Although the palm trees contribute something that looks like earning the title “The beauty of nature,” trimming is necessary to prevent health check and appearance problems. Greener Grass Landscaping, Inc. Will provide palms with the best shaping of your palms tree by pruning them to perfection level so that they constantly grow well and hence lives longer, by our skilled team of arborists.

Customized Fertilization Programs

Fertilization is vital for boosting strong healthy plant growth and brightness in the looks and colors of your outdoor spaces. At Greener Grass Landscathat we personalizedilization which is personator your soil and plants so as to ensure the optimum health for your plants. Your landscape specialist will assess your property to formulate a plant nutrition plan tailored to fit, we make it a goal to give your greyer-round enviable character year round.

Illuminate Your Landscape with Professional Lighting

Let us come to your aid to create a place of beauty and efficiency, a place that has been lighted up fantastically and in a modern way, together with our landscape lighting design from Greener Grass Landscaping. Maybe you fancy emphasizing architectural details, outlining paths simply brightening up of an outdoor meeting place so that holders of your vision can be materialized by our team through custom lighting solutions.

Affordable Rates, Exceptional Service

The mission of Greeners Landscaping is the one where we believe that high-quality landscaping can be affordable for any person. You said it right, because of this, we are always moving to provide reliable and cheaper rates. By involving our clients in the process of the budget cycle with the policy of pricing transparency, we can provide the most value for the money they are investing into our work.


1. How often should I schedule lawn maintenance services?

Lawn maintenance should be deemed a required process to set up regular services, which for the growing season are ideally to be scheduled not less than once per 1-2 weeks to keep your grass beautiful.

2. Is palm tree trimming necessary for the health of my palms?

No, trimming palm trees in your palm collection should be scheduled as this is one of the best ways to remofoliages and foliages that have died or showed signs of diseases and promote healthy growth.

3. What type of fertilizer do you use in your fertilization programs?

We value only high-grade fertilizers adjusted to the demands of the plants and the soil, with the effect of resulting in the best growth and functionality of your plants.

4. How can landscape lighting enhance my outdoor space?

Landscape lights may add to the aesthetic of the area you are in by showing the way, putting a spotlight on the key at,  tributes, and making a comfortable, safe atmosphere with your entertainment.

5. Are your rates competitive with other landscaping companies in the area?

Yes, we value keeping the rates of our services at a competitive level as our ultimate goal is to provide all of our customers with the significant value of the unparalleled immaculate quality we deliver. Open pricing shows you only the final cost without any additional fee on top, so you are safe from any surprises about the price of the service.


To conclude, Greener Grass Landscaping provides the highest quality service for the mount permanent green landscape in Mount Pleasant, SC. Combining the professional skills of our team, comprehensive service packages, and the focus on affordability and quality, we 100% guarantee to blow your mind!

By Manali