The core of Austin, Texas, houses Glint Dental which is Elementary more than a clinic because it is a temple where smiles get beautified into pieces of art. The clinic led by the leader of the vision, Dr. Iana Elledge, sets the standard of dental practice, taking the technology of tomorrow and merging it with the aesthetic goals of health. At Glint Dental, we don’t just make your teeth better; we help to create beautiful smiles unadorned with fear and glow with pride.

Superior Results that come with cutting-edge Technology

At Glint Dental, we think that genetic engineering can change life for the better. Glint Dental clinic has top-of-the-line equipment that includes 3D imaging, intraoral cameras, and laser technology which make it possible for us to do the least invasive treatments and give highly precise diagnoses. Our digital smile design, same-day crowns, and advanced tools reduce the workload and guarantee the efficient completion of the procedures with outstanding results, now tailored to fit every patient’s particular needs.

Meet Our Expert Team

All the splendor of the Glint Dental we witness should be credited to the whole team of devoted employees, which is headed by the wonderful Dr. Iana Elledge. As an artist and scientist, she melds her knowledge with a fervor for perfection, guaranteeing that those wishing to achieve life-changing dentistry always put their faith in her. With the aides of professional members of our team, we offer a range of services that include both cosmetic and restorative treatments applied with utmost precision and care.

An Innovative Concept in Dentistry

One of the problems we encounter regularly at Glint Dental is that some of our patients tend to suffer anxiety during dental visits. This is why, above all, we value the friendliness and the welcoming atmosphere of a place where people should feel at home and be cared for. As you walk into our space, you will be welcomed with a level of hospitality and candlelike warmth that is captivating.

Our staff will sit with you and listen to your problems or concerns. They will make explanations of the procedures very clear, and at the same time, they will align the mission of the treatment plan with your specific goals, which will be relaxing for you.

Embracing Aesthetic Wellness

As part of the service, we not only get your dental issues straightened out, but we also promote the idea of aesthetic wellness, which is the recognition of the connectedness of a beautiful smile to overall wellness. Owing to Glint Dental, we consider everyone who is entitled to have a stunning smile and we are willing to aid you in your case. No matter if you’re looking for a gentle alteration or a completely different look, the solutions we offer would certainly help to restore the beauty of your smile, as well as boost your self-confidence.

Experience the Glint Difference

We at Glint Dental treat your smile as our practice and our mission is the happiness of our patients. Become aware of how experiencing beauty therapy can transform your life for the better and have the most amazing dental service ever. Book an appointment with Dr. Iana Elledge, who will guide you on a path to the whiter and better you. Scintillate your smile via Glint Dental… a studio where artistry and expertise work in perfect harmony, and every happy smile conveys a tale of beauty and joy. Let your amazing smile start with us at Glint Dental. Call us today to schedule an appointment and start with the bright smile you have always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the unique property of Glint Dental that distinguishes it from the rest of the dental clinics based in Austin? 

Glint Dental stands out not only because of its advanced technology but also due to its highly professional experts who pay attention to each patient’s individual needs. Through aesthetic well-being the smallest part of our responsibility, we will make sure that each instance of your dental visit will be a proper one to let you look good and feel good.

  1. What time can I have a dental appointment at Glint Dental? 

You may be pretty sure that making an appointment at Glint Dental will be a walk in the park! You can reach our caring team by calling, sending emails, or via our website to make an appointment to meet Dr. Iana Ellidge. The dentist is going to provide you with all the necessary services for your problematic teeth. He or she is going to support you in any way possible so that you can accomplish your goal.

  1. Which specific kinds of aesthetic dentistry does Glister tooth care provide? 

Aside from high-quality services Glint Dental delivers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, Invisalign® superior aligners, and smile makeovers. 

  1. Do you want a correction for your minor imperfections or a complete makeover? 

Whatever your goal is, we have our professional staff to match up with that.

  1. Does Glint Dental provide a financing solution for dental treatment? 

Certainly, we are aware that investing in your smile is a significant decision, hence, we activate various payment plans to make preferences in budget selection. In our workshop, we will touch on the subject of different payment terms and insurance matters so that our dream smile becomes not solely our wish anymore.


Your smile reflects your inside soul and character, and what we want at Glint Dental, we are to do the highest quality job. We are not only in the business of dentistry but also we are in the business of turning people’s lives around and that is not a simple task as it is both technology- and expertise needed.

By Manali