Managers and business owners are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity at the office. The success of a company depends on everyone’s motivation and willingness to work hard in order to achieve common goals. Micromanaging and being hypercritical can backfire and make employees more stressed.

You should instead work to create a relaxed, happy environment at your workplace where everyone feels valued. It is well known that happiness and productivity go hand-in-hand. If you want your revenue to increase and your goals met faster, look beyond the bottom line and consider the attitude and mindset of the team. Here are some tips to help.

Positive feedback to colleagues

Let them know when a colleague makes your day. Many people are not aware of the small acts of kindness they can do to make someone feel valued. You could have been helped by a simple act of kindness or a work-related gesture. You may have been offered their help on a project in order to meet a deadline, or they may have met their monthly goals. Positive feedback should be given for any positive behavior, no matter how insignificant. This will encourage future similar behaviors. You can send a simple “thank you” if the action is small. If it is more significant, consider sending a card or a modest gift. Be specific in describing what they did, and how you felt.

Congratulations to your colleagues on their wins

You should not only give positive feedback but also congratulate your colleagues for any successes or achievements. Nobody wants to feel that their hard work goes unrecognized, especially at the workplace. Take the time to recognize employee accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Perhaps they achieved their monthly sales goal or acquired a new customer.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the win is, acknowledge it and encourage your team to continue. You can congratulate the staff via email or in person if you prefer. Consider holding a regular staff meeting to recognize their achievements. Don’t put it between feedback and requests for improvements. Let the kudos be their own.

Create Shared Plans

We are social animals and thrive in groups. Make an effort to communicate expectations and goals, and create shared plans. Employees may become stressed and frustrated if they don’t know what to expect from them or if they are unable to communicate effectively with their colleagues and managers. By creating shared plans, employees can avoid wasting their time figuring out the best way to serve their company or team. This also encourages teamwork and collaboration, so that no employee feels left out or isolated.

Encourage an Open Dialogue

Encourage open communication between employees, managers, and key partners. Regularly discuss the progress of your team and ask for feedback about what is working well and what could be improved.

At your regular staff meetings, set aside some time to answer a couple of questions.

  • How can we use our time more efficiently?
  • What is our group’s biggest time-waster? (Email, chatting?)
  • What type of breaks will help us stay focused?

Remember that while email and conversation can be essential to a healthy work/social life, too much socializing may reduce your focus. Remember that taking breaks has been scientifically proven as a way to improve your focus over time. To improve productivity, it is important to be strategic in the types and timing of your breaks.

Try to focus the open dialogue on how the group as a whole can improve, rather than focusing on specific individuals. This will allow you to give constructive criticism without feeling as if you are chastising someone in particular.

Make sure you have clear goals for productivity AND happiness

You should also discuss goals that will increase productivity and improve happiness at work. It’s important to have goals related to completing or earning tasks in order to keep everyone motivated, but this shouldn’t be your only concern. Discuss ways to improve the overall comfort and happiness of your workplace by getting feedback from staff.

Set a monthly goal to host a pizza party or recognize someone in your office for their efforts. You’ll make a constant effort to improve your team’s mindset and well-being once you realize happiness and productivity are linked. If you feed and recognize your team’s happiness, they will become more productive.

By Tejas

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